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What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a non-invasive, safe complimentary therapy, using touch, pressure and massage techniques. Usually, this is done on the feet or hands. This therapy is holistic meaning treating the whole of the person not only specific symptoms or ailments.

It can help you to start self-healing and be able to deal with the symptoms of many conditions that you may need additional help with.

Reflexology can help many conditions such as hayfever, eczema, psoriasis, and asthma. Many digestive problems such as constipation or IBS. Circulatory problems such as tension headaches, high blood pressure, and migraines. Sinus problems, sciatica and muscular problems including sports injuries. It can help with many aspects of both men and women personal health and conditions that are affected by stress and modern lifestyle.

Please ask about any conditions you may want help with.

Reflexology works by helping the body with a stress response to a physical condition. Touch, massage and pressure techniques help to stimulate and encourage the immune system to be able to deal with stages of illness and healing /adaptation to start.

It is a beautiful relaxing treatment that you can have just to enjoy without concentrating on any specific area or condition, it treats you as a whole!

A brief history.......

Modern reflexology is based upon the work of a Dr William Fitzgerald (1872-1942) who identified Zones in the body that when stimulated had an effect of another part of the body, a reflex action. This was further developed by Eunice Ingham (1889-1974) through her work as a physiotherapist. She started to map the organs and systems of the body and noted the effect that digital pressure on certain areas of the feet had on health-related issues and conditions, leading to healing to stimulated and encouraged. Her work forms the basis of modern reflexology teaching to date.

Throughout history, the powerful connection of touch and the symbolic significance of feet and grounding has been evident from the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greek, Chinese and native Americans. Many Spiritual and religious practices place an emphasis on the significance of our feet, body and touch therapy. Modern science classifies reflexology as pseudoscience but the beneficial effects of holistic treatments in treating the person as a whole, with relaxation and stress reduction provided by complementary therapies, such as reflexology cannot be denied. Many complementary therapies are working alongside modern medicine to encourage and promote self-healing, recovery, boost immunity and restore homeostasis.

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